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Apart from following the principle of self innovation, Commonpraise also adopts a positive and open attitude towards the cooperation with well-known enterprises at home and aboard in the aspect of technology, OEM and production management. At present, we have reached a cooperation intention agreement with domestic famous companies such as Hair, Midea, etc. and also have reached a supply agreement with German Alanod, Bosch, as well as Australian Natural Heat. During the cooperation with these celebrated enterprises, our company uninterruptedly enhances the quality of our product and improves the level of production management.

  • Flat Plate Solar Collector The solar absorber of this collector is welded by German ultrasonic welding machine. We provide customers with two types of solar absorber, namely the fin tube type and the plate tube type. The surface of the absorber uses the international patent of magnetron sputtering and selective coating, which possesses excellent adhesion. With a high absorptivity of more than 95% and a low emissivity of less than 5%, it provides high thermal efficiency. In addition, this equipment is resistant to corrosion and it possesses a long service life of 20 years.
  • Solar Air CollectorSolar air collector makes use of solar energy to heat air. Our solar air collector is composed of a highly efficiency dual-layer absormer material, a selective surface with high absorptivity up to 75% to capture solar heat, temperature inductive probe, automatic thermal insulation air valve, air fan, indoor temperature controller, and more. It is a patented product with patent number of ZL 2007 2 0172469.9, and it is easy for installation and use. Solar air collectors can be divided into different types to heat either outdoor ambient air or indoor recirculated building air.