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Solar Street Light

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

Our solar street light is a new type integrated light product designed to meet solar photovoltaic lighting requirement. The integrated design of the photovoltaic system and lamp body makes our solar street light elegant, easy to transport and install. In addition, our light uses LED as the light source, which is energy saving and long lasting. Moreover, the remote control function greatly facilitates the use of this product. As a result, our solar street lights are extensively used on sub trunk roads and in residences, courtyards, squares, etc.

Technical Parameters of the Solar Street Light
Solar cell panel 50Wp 36V monocrystalline silicon
Storage battery 24V 20Ah plumbic acid, maintenance free
Controller 24V10A
Mains supply supplementary function Yes
Lamp LED 30W dimmable
Luminous flux 3000lm
Beam angle 120ox50o elliptical light spot
Remote control distance 100m
Lamp pole height 3-6m
Ordering Information for the Solar Street Light
Origin China Model CP-ISSL-01
Delivery terms FOB,CFR, CIF Brand name Commonpraise &OEM
Payment terms T/T, L/C MOQ 20pcs
Production capacity 2000 pcs/month Delivery cycle 5 work days for product sample, 10-20 work days for batch orders

As a China solar street light manufacturer, our company provides a vast range of products that includes mobile solar power, flat plate solar collector, stainless steel hot water storage tank and more.

Feedback Form
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