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Balcony Mounted Solar Water Heater

Balcony Mounted Solar Water Heater

Working Principle
1. With the sunlight across the cover plate of toughened glass, the absorption board core, which is coated with selective absorption layer, can absorb the solar and transmit it into heat, then the heat transferring medium in the collector will be heated and the temperature will be increased.
2. When the difference in temperature between the heat transferring medium in upper place of the collector and the bottom of the tank reach a certain value, generally 3℃-5℃, the forced circulation pump will automatically start to work. It will circulate the heat transferring medium to the heat exchange coil of the heat water storage tank and add water to the heat water tank.
3. When the temperature of the upper water tank reaches a set value, the forced circulation pump will automatically stop working.
4. As the heated water has the same effluent pressure with cold water, the heated water will be pushed out by cold water when using water.

1. As the balcony mounted solar water heater can be installed in the balcony, roof or outer wall, it can perfectly combine with buildings. The thermal insulation tank can be placed at the balcony, which won' t reduce the indoor area.
2. The enamel inner tank has passed the Australia AS1056 standard with 250,000 times fatigue test and enjoys a longer lifespan. With the heat exchange coil placed in the tank and second heat exchange with specialized medium, this solar water heater can make the flat plate collector more comfortable by improving its resistance to cold and thermal performance.
3. Equipped with the intelligence automatically forced circulation with the temperature difference and auxiliary electric heating tank, this balcony mounted solar water heater can supply heated water all the day without regard to the effects of the weather.
4. The collector is designed with copper board core with blue coating, which is high in absorption efficiency and heating capacity. With its aluminum alloy frame and toughened glass outside, it is unbreakable and durable.
5. Sealing operation with resistance to pressure results in balanced pressure of heated water. The quality of the water can be ensured.
6. As a result of its modularized components, the balcony mounted solar water heater is easy to install and maintain and convenient to use.

Technical Parameters

Type Flat Plate Solar Collector Capacity of the Tank Electric Heating Power Applicable Family
Size (mm) Collecting Area Board Core
P-J-F-2-080/1.5/0.6-T 1500x1000x80 1.5㎡ Copper coated with black chrome 80L no 1-2 person
P-J-F-2-110/2.0/0.6-T 2000x1000x80 2.0㎡ Copper coated with black chrome 110L no 1-2 person
P-J-F-2-150/3.0/0.6-T 1500x1000x80 3.0㎡ Copper coated with black chrome or blue layer 150L 1.5KW 3-4 person
P-J-F-2-200/4.0/0.6-T 2000x1000x80 4.0㎡ Copper coated with black chrome or blue layer 200L 2.0KW 4-5 person

Basic Trading Conditions

Original place China Type P-J-F-2-B
Price terms FOB,CFR, CIF Brand Commonpraise and OEM
Payments T/T, L/C MOD 20 machines
Supply ability 2000 machines per month Time of delivery 5 days for sample and 10 to 20 days for bulk order.
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