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  • Enamel Solar Water Storage Tank (Glass Lined)Our enamel solar water storage tank is made of material which should be sintered under high temperature on the superficial enamel of the steel plate. This material can form a dense enamel layer on the surface of the steel of the enamel water storage tank and the ion on the surface can penetrated with each other, then the diffusion layer of about 200-300μm formed, which can enhance the bonding strength between the enamel surfaces.
    Its inside is clean and tidy, which can ensure that the water won' t be polluted.
  • Pressurized Double Bladder Enamel Water Tank The pressurized double bladder enamel water tank has a small bladder in the tank as the heat exchanger. The heat exchanger area is bigger than the coil exchanger, which will greatly improve the thermal efficiency.
    Horizontal type can be mounted on the wall and so make full use of the limited installation space.
    The use of international advanced welding, painting, glazing techniques makes the water tank tidy, anti-scale and anti-corrosion.
  • Enamel Double Jacket Solar Water Tank Double jacket water tank means there are two layers, one is to contain water, and the other layer is to contact anti-freezing liquid as heat exchanger.
    It is commonly used in balcony solar water heat heating system with the best function to protect our system from freezing in low ambient temperature conditions.
    Double internal layer of enamel baked at 860℃, according to DIN4752, and the enameling is done in our own high tech industrial facilities.
  • Enamel Double Jacket Solar Water Storage Tank and Enamel Glass Lined Inner TankOur enamel double jacket solar water storage tank is designed with an enamel glass lined inner tank which uses the advanced welding, enameling and painting technology from Denmark. As a result, it is not easy to incrust and be corroded.
    With its special inner tank and heat exchanger, the tank features fast heat exchanging, high thermal efficiency, impact resistance and resistance to abrupt temperature change.
  • Stainless Steel Solar Water Storage TankThe inner tank of Commonpraise stainless steel solar water storage tank is designed with three self patented technologies: storage hot water tank, fully pressured solar hot water tank and household thermostat controller of the hot water tank.
    Used with the international advanced straight welding and girth welding technology, the welding quality of the stainless steel solar water storage tank can be ensured.

Pressurized Solar Water Heater Tank

The solar water heater system is composed of the solar collector, water heater tank, jointing pipe and controlling system. The pressurized solar water heater tank is the storage device in the solar collecting system and performs well in the energy storage and adjustment in the collecting system. In the hot water storage tank, by mixing the hot water in the solar collector with the cold water in the users' pipe, the hot water can pass the heat to the cold water and finally in balance.

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