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Pressurized Double Bladder Enamel Water Tank

Pressurized Double Bladder Enamel Water Tank

1. The pressurized double bladder enamel water tank has a small bladder in the tank as the heat exchanger. The heat exchanger area is bigger than the coil exchanger, which will greatly improve the thermal efficiency.
2. Horizontal type can be mounted on the wall and so make full use of the limited installation space.
3. The use of international advanced welding, painting, glazing techniques makes the water tank tidy, anti-scale and anti-corrosion.
4. Built-in heat exchanger and using antifreeze as the heat exchanger medium allow the solar water heater to be used in frost prone or harsh weather areas.
5. Hot water is always available regardless of the weather because of built-in electric element. The temperature difference controller keeps the water tank always full of hot water at the setting temperature.

Technical Parameters of Pressurized Double Bladder Enamel Water Tank

Item Technical Data
Capacity 80L
Dimension Φ500*905MM
Inner Material 2.0mm SPCC
Outer Material 0.5mm Silver Gray Color Steel
Insulation 50mm Polyurethane
Small Bladder Material 2.0mm SPCC
Heat Exchanger Area ≥0.3M2
Heat Exchanger Volume ≥8.6L
Inlet & Outlet Size G1/2"
Back-up Element 1.5KW
Magnesium rod   1pc
Working Pressure 0.6MP
Control Way Wire Controlling
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