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  • Flat Plate Solar Collector The flat plate solar collector is easy for installation and can be built on various types of buildings easily. Our flat plate collectors commonly used in domestic solar water heater and large sized solar heating systems, and they are ideal for use in low altitude areas with hot or mild climate conditions and ice-free all year round.
    The flat plate solar collector is designed with copper-aluminum absorber plates or copper plates, and the plates are welded together using ultrasonic welding technique. Due to these, the flat plate collector offers high strength and high pressure-bearing capacity ...
  • Universal Flat Plate Solar CollectorThe universal flat plate solar collector features easy installation and can be installed on various types of buildings. With high thermal efficiency, the flat plate collector is able to offer large hot water production capacity. Meanwhile, the fluid tubing for the flat plate solar collector is made using high purity oxygen-free copper. It offers high corrosion resistance, high pressure-bearing capacity, long service life and safe operation, and is maintenance free. Due to these, the collector is extensively used in domestic solar water heaters and large sized solar heating systems, and is ideal for use in low and medium latitudes areas with mild climate conditions ...
  • High-End Flat Plate Solar CollectorMeanwhile, the flat plate solar collector is designed with metal absorber plates to offer high thermal efficiency. The selective coating for the absorber plates, with strong adhesion, long lifespan and corrosion resistance, ensures high heat absorptivity up to 95% and emissivity lower than 5%. In addition, made using low iron tempered glass, the transparent cover for the flat plate solar collector has a high light transmittance of 92%, high mechanical strength and safe operation. The flat plate solar collector frame has height of 100mm, thus accordingly, the insulation layer is increased, so the collector also has good thermal insulation performance ...
  • Aluminum Tray Solar CollectorThe solar collector is designed with an aluminium tray, or aluminum backside plate, formed in one step. The integral aluminum tray offers superior heat insulating performance. Due to surface treatment given, the tray is durable and provides the solar collector with good sealing performance, water and damp resistance as well as low heat loss. Meanwhile, the flat plate solar collector is manufactured with continuous seamless sealing material which offers good aging and extreme temperature resistance, long service life, and more. This also contributes to low heat loss ...
  • Flat Plate Solar Collector - One Sheet Aluminum AbsorberBased on European quality standards, blue coating imported from Germany and one-piece aluminum sheet absorber is adopted in this flat plate solar collector.
    Imported blue coating layer is used in this facility, which is welded by laser welding machine.
    Equipped with TP2 copper tube, this product possesses high bearing capability. Besides, it is resistant to corrosion and therefore enjoys a long service life.

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

What is a solar collector?
A solar collector is also called a solar thermal collector. It collects heat by absorbing sunlight, and then transfers the heat energy to mediums. Flat plate collectors and evacuated tube collectors are the most common solar collectors for heat on the market.

Flat plate solar collector is typically composed of a flat-plate solar energy absorber, a transparent cover, heat insulating material, and heat-transfer fluid, etc. Our flat plate collectors are designed with metal absorber plates and copper tubes for water heating. With high heat efficiency and reliable performance, our flat plate solar collector can offer large quantity of hot water and requires low maintenance. It has over 15 years' lifespan.

As compared with evacuated tube collectors, flat plate solar collector has advantages like high pressure resistance and large absorption area. It is a key part of flat plate solar water heaters and directly influences the performance of solar water heating system.

Commonpraise is a professional solar collector manufacturer in China. We offer flat plate solar collector, aluminum tray solar collector, solar air collector, flat solar water heater system, and more.

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  • Solar Air CollectorSolar air collector makes use of solar energy to heat air. Our solar air collector is composed of a highly efficiency dual-layer absormer material, a selective surface with high absorptivity up to 75% to capture solar heat, temperature inductive probe, automatic thermal insulation air valve, air fan, indoor temperature controller, and more. It is a patented product with patent number of ZL 2007 2 0172469.9, and it is easy for installation and use. Solar air collectors can be divided into different types to heat either outdoor ambient air or indoor recirculated building air ...