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Universal Size Solar Collector

Universal Size Solar Collector

1. The universal size solar collector is designed with a metal tube and plate structure, featuring high efficiency and large water production. With the water heated in the copper tube, its quality is stable and there is no maintenance.
2. The material of flow channel is made of high purity anaerobic copper, which can resist corrosion and pressure. With its safety and reliability, it can be used for a long time.
3. Flat plate solar collector is easy to install and combine with building. As a result, it is used in the domestic solar water heater and large solar heating and warming.
4. Commonpraise light absorbing layer uses the magnetron sputtering selective absorption coating with international patent. The absorption rate is more than 93% and the emissive rate is below 6%. As a result of its good surface adhesion and corrosion resistance, this solar collector can be of service for a long time and the thermal efficiency is high.
5. The cover plate is made of toughened glass with low iron and light transmittance which is higher than 92%. With its high mechanical strength, the safety can be ensured.
6. The frame of our universal size solar collector is thicker than ordinary ones. The thermal resistance is better and is suitable for using in areas with medium or low latitude.

Technical Parameters

Code P2-1-B-L P2-1-M-L
Size LxWxT (mm) 2000*1000*80 2000*1000*80
Total area (m2) 2 2
Effective area (m2) 1.85 1.85
Gross weight of collector (kg) 38±3 38±3
Glass cover plate 4.0mm low iron grain toughened glass(or grain toughened glass) 4.0mm low iron grain toughened glass(or grain toughened glass)
Board core Copper plated with black chrome Copper plated with blue layer
Structure Ultrasonic welding Ultrasonic welding
End tube TP2 copper φ22/φ25mm TP2 copper φ22/φ25mm
Small collecting tube TP2 copper φ10mm TP2 copper φ10mm
Thermal insulation material 16k glass wool (bottom) 25mm(lateral thermal insulation) 16k glass wool (bottom) 25mm(lateral thermal insulation)
Frame Aluminum alloy (bronze or silver ) Aluminum alloy (bronze or silver )
Rear plate 0.5mm galvanized plate (or aluminum plate) 0.5mm galvanized plate (or aluminum plate)
Closing temperature 180℃ 180℃
Working pressure (mpa) 1.4MPa 1.4MPa
Seal ring EPDM EPDM

Basic Trading Conditions

Original place China Type P2
Price terms FOB,CFR, CIF Brand Commonpraise and OEM
Payment T/T, L/C MOD 10 pieces
Supply ability 3000 pieces per month Time of delivery 5 days for sample and 10-12 days for bulk order.
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